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This is Chad & Mindy. Chad created Lord Birthday in 2015. He writes the writings and draws the drawings. Mindy edits, advises, makes the merchandise, and runs the shop. She's the salt to Chad's cookie dough, the Brian Eno to Chad's Achtung Baby. 

Lord Birthday is equal parts satire and sincerity, poking fun at self-help didacticism and internet writing while at the same time trying to give freshness and new meaning to these forms. 

The writing itself is inspired by Chad's favorite dry comedic voices: Donald Barthelme, George Saunders, E.B. White, Jack Handey, Monty Python, Flannery O'Connor, Guy Maddin, Philip Larkin, Patricia Lockwood, Mark E. Smith, Greta Gerwig, and Joe Frank.

The visual style is an amalgam of various influences as well: William Blake, Sei Shonagon, Lewis Carroll, Liana Finck, David Shrigley, Amanda Michelle Smith, David Firth, Chris (Simpsons artist), Casey Jex Smith, Roz Chast, Mari Andrew, Edward Gorey, Cy Twombly, and the cover art of Akiko Yano's Tadaima.

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